Diano d’Alba offers one of the best panoramic views anywhere in the Langhe, stretching to the west across the gently rolling slopes around Barolo as they gradually merge into the Roero, and to the east reaching to the first rugged hills typical of the Alta Langa.

The town is currently is divided in two, with a residential, industrial and commercial centre and a historic borgo, higher up, where the first settlement was founded, characterized by beautiful stone and brick houses. Here you can find the town hall, the 18th-century church of San Giovanni Battista and, of particular interest, the ruins of the medieval castle. From this viewpoint, the panorama stretches around 360 degrees, offering unparalleled views over a landscape of hills, plains, vineyards and castles.

In the Middle Ages, Diano belonged to the Comitato di Alba, before falling under the control of the marquesses of Monferrato. It was annexed to the Savoy territories in the early 17th century.

Due to its strategic nature, the castle remained in use until the 16th century, but all that remains now are some ruins, which do not give an idea of the original features. The area has been arranged as a look-out point with public gardens, and the surviving walls are currently undergoing careful renovations.