Reached via a turnoff from the main road, the village of Gorzegno is built on a hill surrounded by a bend in the Bormida di Millesimo river. It preserves some traces of the former marquisal seat.

Date: 11th-12th century The old parish church, dedicated to St John the Baptist, lies outside the current built-up area. The building was constructed in the 11th century, while the external wall cladding dates from the following century. It underwent structural modifications during the 18th century, the most significant being the reversal of its east-west orientation. Nonetheless, Romanesque stylistic elements can still be easily distinguished, particularly the ancient façade (now walled up), gabled and with a Lombard band. The building overall is in good condition; the walls are made from fairly irregular stones, while the external surface is rendered, probably as a result of the 18th-century restorations. The interior of the church is divided into three naves, covered by ribbed and barrel vaults.