Bergolo, “the village of stone,” is a picturesque centre with around 80 inhabitants, entirely built out of sandstone. From Cortemilia, the road climbs up through hazelnut groves for a few kilometres before reaching the village.

Date: 12th century.

Of great interest here is the little church of San Sebastiano, built in the 12th century (perhaps in 1145) as a cemetery chapel, and representing one of the most interesting and best-preserved examples of Romanesque architecture in the Langhe.

Built out of local stone, with very precise proportions, it has a single nave and a semi-circular apse, with Lombard bands visible along the sides and the apse. The building is in an elevated position, on the highest point of the village’s hill.

From the chapel, the views stretch in all directions, offering lovely panoramas over the Bormida and Uzzone valleys.