The Bormida tower can be reached by travelling along the narrow Bormida Valley, its slopes lined with terraces. Its pre-Roman origins have been dated back to the Ligurian Statielli, who were interested in its position.

The creation of the terraces has allowed the planting of Dolcetto vines along the valley slopes.

A few ruins, in very bad shape, are all that remain of a fortified complex that was heavily damaged during the civil war between the Madamisti and the Principisti in 1639.

The best-preserved section is the tower-gate with an ogival arch, made from stone blocks of excellent quality, which could confirm the dating suggested by the documents (first half of the 12th century).

No further clues can be obtained, however, because of the terrible condition of the structures: only a few traces of the perimeter wall can be seen, and internal structures, like towers, are completely absent.