Roddino is a small village at the edge of the Bassa Langa, in an area originally covered by woods and brambles. At an altitude of 610 metres above sea level, it offers exceptional views over both the Barolo vineyards and the equally beautiful Alta Langa landscape.

With its wide expanses of green and unparalleled peace and quiet, Roddino makes an enjoyable destination for walks and excursions.

During the medieval period there must have been a castle here—completely destroyed in later centuries—around which the first settlement developed.

Today the 15th-century parish church of Santa Margherita, with its celebrated baptistery, is of some significance. The bell tower was added in the second decade of the 20th century.

To the west of the village, on a rise with panoramic views, lies the chapel of Santa Margherita (known as “old Santa Margherita”). Though the façade was completely rebuilt in modern times, the original construction can be dated to the 12th century. The stone apse is of interest; it still preserves its Romanesque-style features, with uniform stone blocks and single-lancet windows arranged around the semi-circular wall.