Alba’s Museo Diocesano (Diocesan Museum), known as MUDI, is structured around seven sites in the local area with particular historic and artistic relevance.

The museum offers the chance to explore the material treasures of our heritage and the significance they have had within the traditions of our communities.

Apart from Alba, the other sites are confraternity churches, which in some cases still preserve much of their original interiors:

Alba – Cathedral of San Lorenzo;

Cortemilia – Church of the Santissima Trinità;

Rodello – Church of the Immacolata (“Dedalo Montali” Diocesan Museum of Modern and Religious Art);
Cherasco – Church of Sant’Iffredo;
Corneliano d’Alba – Church of San Bernardino;

Sommariva Perno – Church of San Bernardino;

Vezza d’Alba – Church of San Bernardino.

The churches can be visited thanks to the guardianship of volunteers during certain periods of the year. Often they host temporary exhibitions and are included in the cultural promotion itineraries organized by MUDI in the local area.

At Alba Cathedral, archaeological excavations in 2007-2008 have made it possible to discover and study the building’s different construction phases. The findings can be seen thanks to displays under the presbyterial area and in the Crypt of San Pietro. The crypt houses the cathedral’s lapidary collection, made up of an assortment of artefacts, some preserved in the clergy house, others that have emerged from recent excavations and others recovered from the Palazzo Vescovile, the bishop’s palace, in whose thick walls they had been set in past eras.